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Discover the Saosnois thanks to geocaching !


What is geocaching ?

Geocaching is a form of treasure hunt using GPS. The principle is simple: one person hides in a specific location a small waterproof box containing a number of objects (usually of little value) and a logbook.


The “cacher” then publishes the GPS coordinates of the “cache” on the website where other cachers may then see the listing, enter the coordinates into their GPS receiver and go in search of it.


When they locate the cache, the finder can take something from it if they wish as long as they leave something in return, and sign the logbook. Thus the content of the cache is constantly changing.


Photo Panneau de ville Mamers

Geocaching in Saosnois

Discover Mamers and its surroundings through geocaching !

Voie Verte du Saosnois, Château d'Aillières Beauvoir, Les Etangs de Guibert, Buttes de Peray ...

Find the caches near Mamers here: