Visit the Region in the Company of a « Greeter »

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Would you like to discover the Saosnois  in the company of a resident who is passionate about the region ? Well, you can!


Take a guided tour with one of our "Greeters", friendly people who are also local heritage experts.

They will tell you about the historical, architectural and natural features of the Saosnois – all for free!

We are fortunate to have two people happy to share with you their knowledge of our beautiful region.


  • Michel : an enthusiast of architectural and religious heritage

The Saosnois possesses many architectural treasures, and Michel is keen to tell you about them ... whether it is Mamers, the capital of the Saosnois, or the beautiful surrounding villages, you can explore with him the buildings and religious heritage on foot, following the backroads, paths or the “Voie Verte Saosnois” - a former railway line, now transformed into a green pathway. 


Michel Lucas - greeter


  • Yvette: native born and bred in "Saint Cosme en Vairais"

She would like to share with you her her knowledge of her home town, from its origins to the present day. In her company you can enjoy the countryside, following walking routes with various themes, such as « Water ».


Yvette Sourdille - Greeter


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