The Galoche

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Awaken your curiosity and come and watchthe most typical game in the region, as it’s here, in the Saosnois and more precisely in Mamers, that the headquarters of the National Committee of the Game of Galoche is established. You can either play Galoche alone, or with another team member using a special equipment comprising of :

  • the Galoche : a cylindrical piece of wood measuring between 43 - 45 centimetres high,
  • weighing no more than 800.g. The base diameter is of 9 cm, and 5 cm for the top.
  • the Goal : preferably a metal bar driven into the ground, leaving 10 - 15 cm visible.
  • the Packs : one to pull, the other one for the approch.
  • the Tokens : metal tokens measuring about 30 millimetres in diametre, usually 10 in number,
  • each one equals 1 point for an individual player and 10 points for a team.


The idea of the game is to recuperate as many tokens as possible after having knocked them off the famous Galoche, and finding them as near as possible to the pack used for the throw. Many competitions are organized throughout the year.The Championship of France is held in September. Come along everyone, pick up your packs and learn the game of Galoche the National sport of the Saosnois.