Hemp in Saosnois

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Récolte du chanvre


Originally from Central Asia, hemp arrived in Europe around 1500 B.C. There are two species : Cannabis Indica (or hachisch) and Cannabis sativa (or hempç. This plant requires rich soil, does not thrive in either too humid or too dry conditions, but needs a little attention until harvesting.

It can grow up to two meters high, sprouting 3 to 4 cm daily.

After uprooting, a prolonged soaking in water is carried out ; then different stages of drying in special oven takes place, braked, then combed, hemp then can be sold as a raw material for textiles or rope-making. Notably for the Navy. After having served the paper-making industry, hemp has currently re-emerged as a building insulation material. As witness to the past, weathers’homes can still be seen in Mamers, and multiple hemp ovens, either of round or square construction, can be found near to farms.