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Tourism Office


Sylvie ESLAN

Once upon a time there was a land called The Saosnois… a Nature rich in forests, gentle valleys and country roads where it felt good to wander by foot, on bicycles, or horseback… There are those charming villages that seem to speak to your imagination, the wealth of architectural details, manor houses, ancient country homes, the tradition of working with hemp. The thrill of seeking out the crafstmen and women nestling in these same villages, all these treasures waiting to be discovered and shared.

You will not be able to resist trying the famous “rillettes” and other delicious delicacies in the tiny inns or more traditional taverns. Body and soul will be regaled with welcoming museums, divers sporting activities and major cultural events. Don’t forget to look out for our varied flora and fauna and the activity of our farmers, keepers of our countryside.

In a few words, give yourselves the time to savour the Saosnois and then having been convinced, spread the word and become our ambassadors.


Sylvie ESLAN, President of the Tourist Office